Town of Sylvan Springs

The Town of Sylvan Springs is in the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan.  This plan includes plans for our future, some changes to our zoning ordinance and other regulations. The Comprehensive Plan will affect everyone who lives in Sylvan Springs and/or has a business in our Town.  The Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment members and staff will be present to answer questions, provide any explanation and otherwise assist you in learning everything you want to know about the proposals in the Comprehensive Plan and how it might affect you. But more importantly, your board members want to know what YOU think!  They want to hear your opinions, listen to your suggestions and your ideas for the future of Sylvan Springs – and any changes that you think are currently needed in our Town (plans, regulations, etc.). Check out the Town’s website, or Facebook page to see a draft of the Comprehensive Plan. For more information concerning the Open House,  contact the Town Clerk at 491-3210.  We hope you can attend the Open House on April 14th and see first hand what’s going in the Town of Sylvan Springs.

Hope you can come by  and review the Comprehensive Plan for YOUR Town
Thursday, April 14 between
5:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.